Giving Students the Tools They Need to Succeed

Struggling to find your way? Unsure of your direction in life? You're not alone. LifeTriage helps you discover the right career and connect with people and opportunities in that profession.


Everyone is different, and it is important to find your passion. We provide the tools and network for you to find your perfect future.


Alongside mentors and your newfound network of supporters, you can vault off into your goals. Don't be afraid to take risks as you pursue what's right for you.


Now that you have pursued and learned all you need for your chosen field, you can delve into what you are most passionate about and embrace your success.


C-Tips Platform

We go far beyond other career search options, by providing students a first hand perspective into their areas of interest from industry professionals. This allows them to have accurate and actionable insights into their specific interests.

Finders Keepers Scavenger Hunt

The Finders Keepers Scavenger Hunt is an exciting and challenging hunt involving students who search their campus to solve cryptic clues that leads to hidden prizes.

Student Outreach

Learn about the events we provide to students and the many ways we actively participate in the student community. Our primary event is currently called Pizza, Root Beer, and Mentors. You can learn about it here.

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