Many people are confused when it comes to choosing a career or a major. In fact according to Max Nisen, “50% of recent grads wish they choose a different major.” In an attempt to address this growing problem, Jermaine Boswell with the help of his management team incorporated LifeTriage.

At LifeTriage, we put student's dreams and aspirations at the forefront of their career options. With our flagship offering, we go far beyond other career search options, by providing students a first hand perspective into their areas of interest from industry professionals. This allows them to have accurate and actionable insights into their specific interests.

In short, our focus is to help students figure out what career they want and then we help them with the granular details of that career, i.e., salary, projected growth potential, best locality and an opportunity to speak with a professional in that career field for additional assistance.  This is done through our social network, Career Tips (C-Tips).

LifeTriage is currently headquartered in Huntsville, AL.

Meet The Team

Jermaine Boswell, CEO

Co-founder and visionary. Oversees the creating, planning, implementing and integrating of strategic direction of the organization.

Sherrie Campbell, COO

Experienced project/program/change manager, who develops, establishes, and directs the execution of operating policies to support company objectives.

Noah Huber-Feely, CTO

Lead developer fluent in 11 programming languages with extensive experience in web/app development.

Julian Waddell, CVO

Visionary architect, responsible for formalizing the company's strategic planning processes, forging new working relationships and integral partnerships.

Erik Runnel, Consultant

Patent lawyer in TN. Assists with incorporation and legal advice.

Kennith Brown, Consultant

Practicing CPA in AL. Assists with financial planning and tax services.

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