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We want to provide support to our participants 24/7 and there is no better way to do this than through a powerful social network that connects those seeking a direction in life with the people and resources they need to find their passion. With C-Tips, we don’t try to emulate job-finding search engines; we allow the user to search career information that is more granular and addresses their need for specific knowledge.

Industry Professional Influencers

Guide. Motivate. Inspire. Build the future.

Through the bite size career tips, our influencers are able to:

  • Provide inroad support
  • Give exclusive insight on a given industry
  • Offer interviewing advice, and career guidance to current students who will receive value from your unique skills.

Sharing your wisdom, knowledge and experience will allow student users to see a clear path to success.


Explore Career Options. Strengthen Your Foundation. Break Your Limitations.

Through C-Tips, our users are able to:

  • Search by careers and interests
  • Watch tip videos from influencers who have walked in your shoes
  • Connect with professionals in your careers of interest wherever you are
  • Receive invaluable advice on how to execute your plan for success
  • Take a test to see which career best fits you
  • Search our database to learn key facts about almost any job

See Careers Through The Lens of Professionals!

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